Kmart workers describe Thanksgiving as utter chaos


Busy periods in most retail locations would be hell for shoppers, but what about the workers during these extra busy times? Some Kmart workers have come forward to explain what working Black Friday and Thanksgiving is really like, and it was apparently utter chaos last year.

Even though the stores are really busy, you will find workers trying to please shoppers to the best of their ability. One 20-year old Kmart worker has explained what last year felt like, and how some people will shout and get angry with you no matter what you do to help.

Over on the Huff Post, they published some comments from Kmart workers about their Black Friday working experience in 2012 and how these employees will likely have to work longer hours this year thanks to longer opening times.

Just like Best Buy, Kmart will be opening on Thanksgiving to offer doorbuster deals that much sooner for a bigger share of the holiday spend.

Kmart will be opening at 6AM on Thanksgiving and will stay open 41 hours through to Black Friday weekend. We already reported that Best Buy plans to start Black Friday doorbuster deals at 6PM on Thanksgiving, so it seems that most retailers will compete for trade a day earlier in 2013.

There’s no doubt workers will find it harder to take time off on Thanksgiving with stores asking for help, but will starting doorbuster deals please consumers or ruin their Thanksgiving Day with family?

We have heard from a number of shoppers about this very topic and they have mixed opinions. “I love the idea of gaining access to doorbuster deals on Thanksgiving and I hope this gives us an advantage to get a good deal”, said one shopper from NYC. Another added, “This is getting stupid now and retailers will be much more greedy this year, I will rather spend time with friends and family on Thanksgiving than go shopping”.

It will be interesting to see the sales results from stores like Best Buy and Kmart after this holiday shopping season.