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BuyHandPicked, free UK online personal shopping service

BuyHandPicked, free UK online personal shopping service

Today sees the launch of a new service, one that offers UK consumers a personal shopping service, and what’s more, it’s free. The new service is a simple one, you inform what you want your personal shoppers to buy and you can then sit back and relax and let them do the stressful part. Most […]


Amazon Black Friday UK deals start for 2013

Today, Amazon started their Black Friday UK deals week for 2013 and it follows a pattern just like we saw last year. You will see lighting deals with a countdown timer along with how much of the stock has been claimed.


GAME UK Black Friday 2013 deals

If you have been wondering when Black Friday will start in the UK for 2013, then the quick answer is now even though this sale is normally for the USA and it doesn’t traditionally start until the day after Thanksgiving.